Art joins us in a union of feelings and
is indispensable for the well-being of humanity. -Leo Tolstoy

Cultural Media Collaborative Inc. is dedicated to creating films, television programs, DVDs and live events, specifically designed to increase and enhance public awareness of music, art and culture.

As public funding for arts education declines, Cultural Media Collaborative Inc., a federally and state recognized tax-exempt organization, aims to help fill the gap by creating media-rich learning tools and inspiring aesthetic experiences.

Cultural Media Collaborative productions explore artistic masterpieces in ways that illuminate and foster the creative spirit. Working hand-in-hand with world-renowned artists, each production is unique in form and tone so as to reflect the particular emotional and intellectual world of the artwork being explored. We use an interdisciplinary approach employing historical, biographical and cultural perspectives. Our projects explore the structure and inner logic of the artwork. These methods open pathways to a direct personal experience.

While each production is intended to popularize a great work of art, CMC productions honor the integrity and depth of the featured artwork by respecting our audience. CMC productions dramatize an artwork by emphasizing its immediacy, expansiveness and complexity. Without presuming audience interest, we aim to spark curiosity and stimulate the intellectual appetite of would-be concertgoers and art lovers. The larger aim is to motivate and guide the development of cognitive skills transferable to other works of art, thus advancing a broad appreciation across the cultural spectrum.

CMC productions are distributed through numerous channels, including educational institutions (working with school districts for curriculum integration), festival screenings, DVD and Blu-ray home video, web streaming and international broadcast. Our partners include Films for the Humanities & Sciences, Public Broadcasting Service (USA), 3sat (German speaking countries), Mezzo (France), RTS Radio Télévision Suisse (Switzerland) and many others.

Please survey our website and feel free to contact us with your comments or questions. Support for our work is crucial for our continued success. Inquiries regarding how you can make a contribution are especially welcome.

A copy of the Cultural Media Collaborative, Inc. application for tax-exempt status and annual reports may be obtained upon request from our office: 303 West 66th Street, Ste 20-HE, New York, NY 10023, tel: (212) 579-8696, or from the New York Attorney General’s Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, New York, NY 10271, Tel: (212) 416-8400.