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For the Love of Mahler:
The Inspired Life of Henry-Louis de La Grange

HLG_Festival Mahler Tokyo 1986

For the Love of Mahler takes us into the passionate world of Henry-Louis de La Grange, a charismatic 91-year old music historian who since first hearing a Mahler symphony in 1945 devoted the rest of his life to researching every detail of Mahler’s biography. How Mahler’s music inspired his life, and how Henry-Louis channeled an obsession into a lifetime of groundbreaking discoveries, famous friendships and award winning accomplishment, demonstrates the remarkable power of music to change lives. Filmed in Marrakech, Paris and the Italian Alps. Continue Reading »

Everywhere and Forever – Mahler’s Song of the Earth

Maidens gather lotus blossoms (Hi Res)

In the summer of 1907 composer Gustav Mahler experienced a crisis of such magnitude that some thought he would never recover. His five-year-old daughter died of scarlet fever after 15 days, and a doctor diagnosed him with a congenital heart defect. Mustering his courage and tapping in to his genius, Mahler transformed his despair into a great piece of music. It was something entirely new: a “song-symphony” based on ancient Chinese verses. Continue Reading »

The Song of the Earth and Death and Transfiguration concert film

Thomas Hampson sings

Baritone Thomas Hampson and tenor Paul Groves sing with the Orchestra de la Suisse Romande conducted by their new music director, Neeme Järvi, in his September 2012 inaugural concert from Victoria Hall, Geneva. This is the first filmed performance of this masterpiece sung by world-renowned Mahler interpreter Thomas Hampson. Continue Reading »

Of Love, Death and Beyond:
Exploring Mahler’s “Resurrection” Symphony

When Gustav Mahler began his Symphony No. 2 “Resurrection” in 1888 he was a 27 year old itinerant conductor and virtually unknown as a composer. But by the time of its first complete performance in December 1895, Mahler was an increasingly celebrated maestro, having advanced his career with a combination of talent, cunning and sheer will. His own compositions however were either ignored or reviled. Continue Reading »

Jonah’s Mission

The history of art is infused with stories about brilliant young poets, composers or painters dying in obscurity at a tragically early age, their work remaining unknown for generations. Such was the provenance of a recently discovered oratorio, a huge composition over two hours in length for a large orchestra, two mixed choruses, chamber choir, boys’ choir, five vocal soloists, organ and off-stage brass. Continue Reading »

Strauss Alpine Symphony and more…

Richard Strauss once boasted that he could depict a stein of beer in music. Imagine: the effervescent froth, the cool condensation on the handle and mug, the malty flavor and inebriated camaraderie, all through his command of orchestral effect. Continue Reading »

Mahler Symphony No. 2 Concert Video


The musicians were all but fighting to get in. Top players from some of the best orchestras in the United States were vying to perform for free during precious vacation days! Continue Reading »

Neeme Järvi 70th Birthday Jubilee

If the arts offer profound joy to the human experience, there is hardly an orchestral musician alive who would not agree that maestro Neeme Järvi has devoted his life to expressing that joy through his music making. Continue Reading »

What the Universe Tells Me:
Unraveling The Mystery of Mahler’s Third Symphony


Music, philosophy, and dramatic images combine to create an all-encompassing experience in this in-depth exploration of Gustav Mahler’s stirring and questioning Third Symphony:
How did we get here? What is our life’s purpose? Does God exist? Why do people suffer? Continue Reading »